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Come away with an amazing group of open-minded individuals. A catered weekend away in a lost location. Positive vibes and a comfortable environment. Family, Friends, Partners, Individuals. I would love to see you there. – Jock 


Discover your true inner self, develop a curiosity for the external world and use these learnings when curating a bright, balanced & healthy lifestyle.


Connect organically with those around you and cherish these newfound life-long friendships.


Gain exposure to amazing experiences throughout New Zealand alongside the friendly, explorative and multicultural people of the YogAscend tribe.


Jock is a natural teacher and is supercharged with awesome positive vibes. His classes are warm, welcoming, accepting learning environments. He brings a lot of energy & care to the class so much that you can’t help leaving his class feeling uplifted & refreshed. Jock is the real deal. I’ve travelled the world & visited many yoga studios. In my experience, he’s one of the best and I can’t recommend him highly enough!

Lisa Burton

I’m a Fifty something country guy with stiff joints and muscles from farm labour. I was “dragged” to yoga by a regular and friend, not knowing what to expect. Jock was helpful and clear in his class; I found the session pushed my abilities but in a really enjoyable way; the stretching was challenging but the benefits after the class were addictively satisfying, hence I now visit every time I’m in Grey Lynn on a Tuesday. And if you, like me thought yoga was easy and for girls, try it then see if your opinion changes.

Andy Edwards


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Grey Lynn Classes

Grey Lynn Community Centre – 510 Richmond Road

Tuesday: 630 – 730pm

Thursday: 630 – 730pm

Glenn Innes Class

Te Oro Community Centre – 98 Line Road

Saturday: 11am – 12pm